Underused Benefits Of Hoarding – Advertising

Hoarding is the term used to describe the temporary fence or barrier which is erected to surround a construction site.  They are a legal requirement to ensure that both public and site safety, is observed.

The key benefit of construction site hoarding is to keep people safe, first and foremost. 

Hoarding also has other benefits such as the ability to ensure privacy.  Our solid, sustainable hoarding systems can provide a visual barrier to ensure that a construction project remains private.

Security is another key benefit that contractors use hoarding for.  From anti-climb mesh solutions to compound hoarding, many hoarding systems can ensure that a construction site remains both secure and safe.

Hoarding is far more than a temporary barrier designed for safety and security, it also has several other benefits, which unfortunately often go underused. Benefits such as brand awareness through corporate colours and professional signage to full-blown graphical displays and CGI imagery of what the project will look like, which can be affixed to the new sustainable hoarding now available, they can convey multiple messages about the construction project which the site hoarding is protecting.

The ability to easily fix graphical displays to our plastic and steel hoarding systems opens up exciting advertising opportunities for main contractors.

The old ‘paint the timber hoarding in brand colours’ now seems a little lacklustre when compared to the host of options available for plastic hoarding systems.

There are now multiple options from fixing graphical displays to the hoarding to printing the graphics directly onto the construction hoarding.  With advancements in paint and printing, it is now possible to ensure that your site hoarding is eye-catching and conveys your message clearly to all who will view the hoarding and construction project.

By using new techniques and hoarding systems, construction site hoarding can now play a greater role in raising awareness of every project you undertake.  Don’t underuse your hoarding when it can play a significant part in achieving your objectives.