Sustainability Does Not Need To Be Paused To Protect The Bottom Line

According to a recent survey by KPMG (KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook) of over 1000 CEOs, a third of them are either considering pausing their green efforts or have already done so.  This is despite 45% of the same CEOs agreeing that such initiatives improve financial performance.

If the above trend is replicated within the UK construction market, which is responsible for 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions according to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, it could severely compromise the UK’s ability to achieve sustainability targets as a whole.

With the UK economy currently experiencing a time of turbulence and uncertainty the decision to review spending on green and sustainable initiatives to protect the company from any economic fallout is understandable. 

The decision on whether to implement any reductions in sustainable actions must be made based on valid data and incorporate a holistic analysis of how and where such initiatives add value as a whole to the company.

This topic is very close to Fast Fence’s heart as we often come up against a more simplistic situation whenever a construction company opts to use our sustainable hoarding solutions rather than more traditional single-use systems.  The question we are asked most often tends to be ‘is your solution cheaper than other systems for this project?’

Unfortunately, when viewed in a single instance sustainable hoarding could be considered to be more expensive than simple, single-use hoarding. 

But when taken in its entirety our sustainable solutions can work out far more cost-effective than single-use solutions.  Not to mention the range of other benefits using sustainable solutions confer

Being sustainable does not just mean simply coming from a sustainable source with our range of solutions.  Each hoarding solution has been designed to be used multiple times on different projects and this is where our clients can achieve significant cost savings of up to 60% of the supply price.

Indeed, many of our clients regularly purchase hoarding for use on different projects and even opt to store the hoarding securely between projects to retain both their sustainable and financial benefits.

Therefore, when opting to reduce or pause sustainable initiatives or suppliers, it is important to not simply take a single-case view of whether the sustainable approach in question is financially viable, often a more long-term approach is required to fully ascertain the economic and environmental benefits to the organization, industry, and country as a whole.

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