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We all need to be conscious of the effects we have on the environment if we are to reach our Net Zero goal of 2050. As of May 2022, according to the UK government the UK built environment as a whole was responsible for around 25% of total UK Greenhouse Gas emissions. 

The UK currently only requires reports on operational emissions but Greenhouse Gases are produced at every stage. Embodied carbon accounts for around 40 – 50 million tonnes of Co2 annually. Operational emissions are decreasing but if we are to achieve net zero we need to begin to successfully reduce the embodied carbon of projects.

Embodied carbon emissions are the emissions associated with construction, maintenance, repair & demolition.

In 2021 the UK government published the industrial decarbonisation strategy. This sets out how the UK is aiming to decarbonise the manufacturing and construction sector. In this document the government touch on improving efficiency by driving the transition towards a circular economy and increasing reuse and repair.

The linear approach to the use of materials in the built environment has been the same for the last 150 years, manufacturing from raw materials then sold and discarded at the end of life. This needs to change and we are starting to see more construction companies focusing on waste reduction and re-use.

Why is reuse important?

  • Reduce the amount of virgin materials used
  • Reduce waste to landfill– Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce energy use
  • Promotes a circular economy

Start as you mean to go on!

Reduce your environmental impact from the get go. Site Hoarding is the first thing to go up onsite and the last thing to come down so it needs to be able to stand the test of time but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise sustainability. Our Greensteel and Greenhoard systems are not only durable but offer a closed loop recycling solution.

How can our products help reduce your carbon footprint?

Our Greensteel Hoarding is manufactured from recycled steel and is 100% re-usable and recyclable. Its durability means that it can be reused across multiple sites reducing your environmental impact.

Made from upcycled plastics, Greenhoard is also a durable Hoarding Solution that reduces your environmental impact. It is 100% reusable and recyclable at end of life.

Save with Sustainable

Not only are you reducing the impact you have on the environment by choosing to reuse your hoarding solutions across a number of sites but you can also save upto 60% on future projects.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact or reduce costs across your projects please contact us.

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