Sustainability Study: Steel Hoarding

24 Dec 2010

Sustainability is an ever more important issue on the procurement agenda so here at FastFence we are continuing our commitment to delivering environmentally friendly products to our clients and have introduced new Recycled Steel Hoarding Systems to our Greenhoard™ product range.

Our innovative steel hoarding systems are fully re-usable and recyclable and contain minimum 83% recycled steel content meaning they are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber hoarding or alternative hoarding systems.

Sustainability of Steel FAQ’s

Is Steel sustainable?

Steel is arguably one of the most sustainable construction materials. It has numerous sustainability benefits which include: low waste, longevity, reusability and recyclability.

Steel has sustainability benefits throughout its lifecycle, from responsible sourcing of raw materials, manufacture, construction and end of life product re-use or multicycling.

Why is Steel different to other materials when being recycled?

Multicycling mean that steel can be recycled indefinitely without loss of property of performance, this is compared to most other materials which are recycled once to a lesser use which is known as downcycling. Therefore steel always has value which guarantees that virtually none is ever disposed of to Landfill.

How much Steel is recycled?

Each year over 500 million tonnes of steel are multicycled worldwide which is equivalent to 180 Eiffel Towers a day!