Fast Fence Achieves Gold Level With Supply Chain Sustainability School

Fast Fence has recently achieved Gold Level membership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS).  Gold is the highest level of membership available with SCSS and demonstrates the commitment and drive of Fast Fence to constantly strive to improve its own sustainability and those of its partners, clients, and suppliers.

Being a gold-level partner of the SCSS has enabled Fast Fence to accelerate its sustainability drive by being able to easily access a wealth of sustainability resources designed to enhance learning and development across a range of sustainability subjects.

Achieving the gold level has been a great experience for the Fast Fence team and has aided the overall development of Fast Fence’s overall sustainability goals and those of individuals through accessing specific and relevant CPD resources.

Beckie Thompson has been instrumental in enabling Fast Fence to take full advantage of the SCSS and place Fast Fence in the forefront for sustainability within the hoarding arena.  “Fast Fence has always been a leading provider of sustainable hoarding, having support from the SCSS and access to the wealth of resources they offer has enabled Fast Fence to cement their position as not just a provider of sustainable hoarding but also as an advocate for further sustainability within the hoarding and construction sector as a whole.”

Fast Fence will continue to use the resources available through the SCSS to further its continual development in improving sustainability and continuing to push the limits of what is possible in terms of functioning responsibly and sustainably within the construction sector.