EQUANS & Engie – Leeds Decarbonisation Scheme

Leeds Decarbonisation Scheme
EQUANS, Part Of Engie
Greensteel™ hoarding

Fast Fence and its sustainable hoarding solution, Greensteel, is proud to be part of the Leeds Decarbonisation scheme with EQUANS. Almost £9 million is being invested in homes within the Holt Park area to make them warmer, more energy-efficient, and reduce carbon emissions. The improvements will consist of a range of measures including air source heat pumps and solar panels.

Fast Fence installed 121m of Greensteel, a 100% recyclable and reusable hoarding solution, further adding to the amazing green credentials of the project. The sustainable hoarding was erected around the EQUANS compound to ensure that both the public and site personnel were protected. A vehicle gate and two pedestrian door panels were installed to allow site personnel easy access to the compound.

Greensteel is manufactured from the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials and is seen as a fully sustainable and superior product over traditional timber-based hoarding.

The sustainable hoarding solution was placed within the ground due to the ideal ground conditions but a portable option was also available as Greensteel is suitable for all site conditions.

The Greensteel was pre-painted in the client’s requested colour and was erected quickly due to the system design, ensuring that the compound was both protected and branded correctly.

Fast Fence has a strong relationship with Engie and EQUANS, and has provided the hoarding for many of their projects. We look forward to working on future projects with both Engie and EQUANS.

Download the full case study here