Design & Specials

FastFence have a wealth of experience and expertise in developing bespoke solutions for site hoarding and fencing. Working with our consultant engineers we can design a system to meet the challenges of any site.

Crowd Loading

Some sites such as football stadiums or arenas have the risk of crowds of people passing by during the event and therefore the hoarding has to be designed to take the load of these crowds with appropriate foundations or kentledge and bracing.

Our engineers can design a system that will meet the crowd loading requirement for the largest of sites. Most recently we have completed Old Trafford Football Ground which was designed to withstand the Old Trafford crowds at 3kN/m2.

Wind Loading to BS6399

Sites with particularly high exposure to prevailing winds will require the hoarding to be specially engineered to ensure that it is secure and will not blow down.

Our engineers can calculate an effective wind speed for the site and calculate an appropriate foundation size or kentledge requirement to give you peace of mind that the hoarding is secure and will not pose any health and safety threats to site personnel or the public. This is of particular importance for coastal sites or sites at high altitude. To date we have designed hoarding to withstand wind speeds in excess of 45m/s which is equivalent to 100mph.

Various Heights and Sizes

We can design and manufacture hoardings at various heights to meet local authority stipulations or simply to provide added security in areas of particular vulnerability. We have installed hoardings of heights up to 5.0m and gates of various widths up to 15.0m wide.

Surface Mounted

Our surface mounted Kelly Block system is a unique product to FastFence and was developed specifically for a site that required a 2.4m high hoarding but the client didn't have the option to concrete posts in-groundas with traditional timber hoarding.

Its typical application is when services or highway stipulations mean in-ground posts are impractical for example if the highway/pavement needs to be re-instated after the project has finished portable hoarding eliminates the cost of repair to the carriageway/footpath. It is also used on sites where the hoarding needs to be moved quickly/often and this can be done using a forklift.

Steep Gradients

Often sites are not on a level gradient and require hoardings to negotiate various gradients and obstacles to ensure the site is fully enclosed and secure. FastFence can manufacture bespoke hoarding made to measure to fit the site conditions, this may include hoardings erected up flights of steps, steep slopes, or specific sizes to tie into or move around buildings or other structures.