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Fast Fence is the UK’s premier site enclosure specialist, operating nationwide and producing a wide range of high-quality, innovative, sustainable hoarding solutions that have been seen on many high-profile construction projects across the UK.

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We are the UK’s first choice for the complete Hoarding & Fencing Solution. Our hoarding systems are designed to BS 6399 from quality, sustainably sourced materials that make our products long-lasting, 100% reusable, and 100% recyclable…

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We offer a complete contracting service to suit your project and requirements and have invested heavily in our site operations to ensure our hoarding installation is executed as efficiently and safely as possible…

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The Hidden Costs Of Timber Hoarding

The Hidden Costs Of Timber Hoarding

Timber hoarding, once the go-to for all site hoarding needs, has slowly been eclipsed by new and improved methods of hoarding.  Steel and plastic hoarding has shifted the dominant position of timber due to several factors, with cost being an important one. Both steel...

What is Sustainable Hoarding?

What is Sustainable Hoarding?

Hoarding, the temporary fencing which surrounds construction sites, has evolved from traditional timber hoarding to make far more use of sustainable and environmentally friendly, materials such as steel and plastic. Sustainable hoarding is often classed as hoarding...

Underused Benefits Of Hoarding – Advertising

Underused Benefits Of Hoarding – Advertising

Hoarding is the term used to describe the temporary fence or barrier which is erected to surround a construction site.  They are a legal requirement to ensure that both public and site safety, is observed. The key benefit of construction site hoarding is to keep...

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